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End of No Beginning - Heartbea End of No Beginning - Heartbea

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's been a while since my last comment on one of your songs and also since I heard a song from you... So I had to go back to your older works and compare them with the newer ones. And I can say that you improved. More clearer mixing, better kicks, some more variety and different atmospheres. Your other song "Chid's play" surprised me in a way because it was so different from the others which I think is very good. Try to find your own style of music and continue to experiment.

With this song you leveled up I think because it is different, more smooth and more fluid than the other songs. Keep it up you're on a good way!

What I STILL think you should do now is to make longer tracks. OK, this one is a loop and is supposed to be short... but... I know it's really hard to make a track long (Even I have this problem right now) and not making him too repetitive is also an art. In one minute you can only make one part of the story that will be your song. Personally I am more satisfied with my tracks which have more parts than my shorter ones but do what you want.

Shorter review as the last one... full of "I think" but I hope It'll be useful in some way... I didn't go through all the instruments and the structure and so on because I think this too much of personal taste (I like them by the way..)
This time it's 4 stars because like I said "you leveled up". :)

So... what else to say than:
Never stop creating

RangerInTheWoods responds:

Thanks man! And i really WANT to make my tracks longer, but the problem is that i'm using the demo version of FL (Which doesn't allow reloading songs to work on another day) and i really don't feel like paying so much money when music making isn't going to be like a career to me. It's more of a hobby, but i like it alot!

Amuzing Rides Amuzing Rides

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That's a great track!
The beginning is sort of strange and "experimental" (which is not bad at all) and then crash at 0:31 broke this intro and made a really smooth transition to the next part. I really liked this intro.
Nice melody and lead.
At first I thought that the first build would lead to the drop and was a little disappointed but then the real one came and I was happy ^^.
I really like your percussions like your claps and shaker.
BUT! There are two things I thought could be improved.
The first one is this really annoying white noise the most of the time. It sounds like a "demo expire sound" to me (I actually know a free demo program where white noise kicks in after 10 minutes of use. It sounds exactly like that). The second thing is the bass but I think this is personal taste.
So... Keep it up!!! :)

Ectisity responds:

Thx for review, aCreator. I understand your points, though personally I like a lot of whitenoise in my tracks. A matter of taste I guess. Glad you liked the track anyways :D I'll be sure to keep making music for you guyz to enjoy ;).

Square Square

Rated 3 / 5 stars

So I listened all of your tracks and I think this one is your best song at the moment.

First thing I want to say is that it is really short...
This is not a bad thing at all. My first tracks attempts were also that short and it's also good to experiment some things and make such short songs... but you should begin to make tracks a little longer so you can begin to make transitions from one part of your track to an other. Because I think that this song is just one theme. And that is not enough for me. When you make a track you want to take the listener on a journey you want him to be comfortable with your track and you want to tell him a story (but you must be careful not to make your track too repetitive). Making short tracks is, as I said, not bad but making transitions is not easy and you should begin to make some so you can start to create stories with different parts.

Second thing I wanted to tell you is this little click after each kick-sample. You should remove it because it sounds unprofessional.
The mixing is not bad but it's not that hard with only four instruments.


Like I said I listened to all of your tracks and I can tell that you used some instruments more than once for you tracks. Try to mess with your synths! Download demos, free synths and mess around with them! I'm actually more a sounddesinger than a musician. I spend most of the time just moving knobs and messing around with my synths. For me this is the funniest part! :)

I'm not the best drum maker but I can tell that your drums lack in compressioning and EQing... Like I said for the synths: Go search for some samples on the web (but look out for junk etc.) kick samples, snare samples… there are many free drum samples out there so you can widen your library.

In General:
I mean... four instruments is really not that many. In this track the melody is at the same time the bass but I could imagine some chords and even a second lead 2 octaves higher and an arpeggio, a good snare that... and this... etc.! So many options! But keep in mind that sometimes, simple things can still be the best.

Some Tips:
If you want to make commercial music I recommend you to copy things from others. By doing this you’ll automatically improve but please… copy only instruments or even beats but not melodies or things that are too obvious. For example: I listen to a song and hear a great kick a try to copy him and eventually use him in a track. Or: The structure of a song is interesting. I try to find how I can create something new with this structure (and only the structure).
Watch many tutorials on Youtube.
Once you've gathered experience and skills the funny parts will begin but that will take his time. I think I don’t have enough experience and I must still improve.

I gave you three stars because this track lacks in many things BUT it is a good beginning and those three stars should motivate you to try to make the music you want and more importantly to continue to make music if you like it. It’s always hard to start something but it is even harder to keep doing this thing. Keep it up! Become better! Do not be discouraged by others. And finally:

Never stop creating

Countdown Countdown

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I really like the beginning and the heavy beat. The intro also has some nice melodies but what I think could be improved is the choice of the instruments. I'm almost certain that you can obtain a deeper and more aggressive bass and more dark and sinister leads! So... keep it up!!! :)

8-BitCat responds:

Thanks for the advice ^.^ i'll keep it in mind for sure c:

Arman§dragon 2 Arman§dragon 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really like the beginning of this track, how the lead submerges from the dark. Especially when the guitar comes in (It reminded me of a melody in the film "Jo"). The beginning brings also tension in the song. At the end of the song I felt like the syncopated bass began to be to repetitive...
But overall I really liked the atmosphere this song was forming.
Nice Track! :)

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Aphyrmehrius responds:

thank you ^^ yea i also felt it, i try to fix that ^^

Edit : Fixed ^^